Extra tipd to help you achieve the best images

• Baby Essentials

Keeping everything at arms reach will be helpful.

*A pacifier is a lifesaver, so if baby love it, let's keep it nearby.

*Diapers , wipes and burping cloths, for any accidents.

*Towels, Small swaddle blankets and burping cloths.

• Extra Help

I do love to keep everything simple as possible. But if you have these items, it can make a difference.

*Space header or warming pad if available.

*Do you have a white noise machine or soothing sound you've been using? It can help calm a baby if he or she accustomed to it.

• Clutter Free

I understand newborn’s demands leaves less time for housekeeping. No need to keep the house shinny clean for me. Think of areas or rooms you will like to be photographed in. Where ever we shoot it will be best to have it clutter free. I don't mind if the other areas are a disaster. I will help to make the space simple and clear if you couldn't get around it.

• Grooming

Manicured finger tips: Your hands will be in some of the images, we want them to look well maintained. A natural trimmed polished look is suitable. If nails are painted with nail polish, make sure it’s not chipped.

Brush your hair and put any light product for flyaways. For moms and little sisters, if you have time, big loose curls is a sweet touch.

• Make up

A natural look always works best. Don’t go overboard, what you’d do for a big night out. Remember this is a reflection of you in the home as a newly mother.

I understand being a mommy can be daining and tiring. I also want you to look back and see your best. Make up that help you look refresh will look beautiful.

I do want you to know that cameras can diminish features and look dull. (it really is a fine line, so just be careful.) Accent eyes just don't over do it, enough to make you feel beautiful. Make sure your makeup is blended well and balanced. Be careful to not to overdo in one specific area. Chapstick is another good item to keeps lips moist and plump for the camera.